Amanda Christensen, ideaXme guest interviewer and Strategist at Cubaka, speaks with David Grinspoon, PhD., Astrobiologist, Senior Scientist at the Planetary Institute and award-winning author.

This June, NASA selected the DAVINCI+ (Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble-gases, Chemistry and Imaging +) mission as part of its Discovery program — the first spacecraft to enter the Venus atmosphere since NASA’s Pioneer Venus in 1978 and USSR’s Vega in 1985. DAVINCI+ may reveal whether Earth’s sister planet looked more like Earth’s twin planet in a distant, possibly hospitable past with oceans and continents. Samples taken from Venus’ atmosphere will not only be used to learn more about our sister planet, but could also help us to better understand climate change here on Earth.

While the DAVINCI+

Andrea Macdonald, founder of ideaXme interviews Adam Rogers, who is Senior Correspondent at WIRED magazine and a New York Times best-selling author. They talk of Adam’s new book:

Full Spectrum: How The Science Of Color Made Us Modern.

“To the extent this book has a single take away, I hope that colour is more widely recognised as this amazing interaction between the world that exists outside our heads and the one that exists inside our heads.

To me, colour is as much a thing that has driven economies and historical change as something that sparks the desires of human…

Andrea Macdonald, founder of ideaXme interviews Dr. Ayesha Khanna CEO and founder ADDO AI.

In this interview Dr. Ayesha Khanna talks of:

– Smart Cities and smart nations — opportunities and threats

– Reasons why Singapore was voted as lead smart city

ADDO AI’s portfolio of work

– Ethics and security related to the advancement of exponential technology

– Her charity 21C Girls

– Rich Connectedness™ — the impact it has had on her career and especially to the motivation for founding her charity

– AI for good

– Her new book U + AI to be published…

Andrea Macdonald, founder of ideaXme interviews Dr. William A. Haseltine, President ACCESS Health International.

In this interview William Haseltine talks of:

-How Covid-19 has changed science

-How high levels of scientific collaboration and knowledge sharing were sparked in this crisis and a precedent set in which it has become institutionalised within the “virus science” community

-The pioneering science that created solutions for a global pandemic

-What we can learn from unprecedented collaboration

-How this collaboration could be used as a blueprint for future moonshots, not limited to science

-The critical role of socio-political systems to tackle the current pandemic…

This interview took place in 2020.

It remains extremely relevant today.

Dr. Tara O’Toole:

Dr. Tara O’Toole is an Executive Vice President and Senior Fellow at In-Q-Tel, which is a private, non-profit strategic investment firm that links the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other components of the US Intelligence Community with venture-backed start-up firms on the leading edge of technological innovation.

Dr. O’Toole is leading a strategic In-Q-Tel initiative called B.Next …

Andrea Macdonald, founder of ideaXme interviews Loay Elbasyouni, senior director for engineering at Astrodyne TDI.

Loay Elbasyouni. Image provided by Loay Elbasyouni. Credit: Loay Elbasyouni.

Loay was lead electrical and power electronics engineer (to 2018), who helped build the NASA Ingenuity Mars helicopter.

In this interview discover the technical challenges the team faced in building the first powered aircraft to fly on Mars, moreover discover the personal challenges significant people who were part of Loay’s journey to work on this project. This interview provides more technical details relating to the building of Ingenuity as well as information relating to Loay’s personal story.

Loay’s detailed role on the NASA Mars…

Andrea Macdonald, founder of ideaXme interviews Jekan Thanga, PhD., Head of SpaceTREx laboratory, Principal Investigator of the NASA-funded ASTEROIDS laboratory and Assistant Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arizona. They discuss the latest developments at the laboratories. Moreover, ideaXme receives a news exclusive relating to SpaceTREx’s proposal to build a “Noah’s Ark” on the Moon. Jump to timestamp — 37 minutes to discover that news!

Jekan Thanga, PhD. Head SpaceTREx Laboratory. Credit: Jekan Thanga.

SpaceTREx in collaboration with the ASTEROIDS laboratory has proposed utilization of lunar lava tubes as a modern day “Lunar Ark.” These subsurface lava tubes are only 4–5 days journey from…

Neil Koenig TV Producer and Journalist interviews David Roche, Founder of Independent Strategy.

David Roche, Founder Independent Strategy. Credit David Roche.

Neil Koenig comments:

The great financial crisis that began in 2007 mostly took the world by surprise. And the main reason why so few experts saw it coming, says the global investment strategist David Roche, is that most of our existing tools for analysing how economies work are “useless”. He argues that fresh ideas are needed, building on insights drawn from other fields of study, such as quantum physics.

Andrea Macdonald founder of ideaXme interviews Dr. Kevin Pitts, Chief Research Officer at Fermilab, America’s particle physics and accelerator laboratory and Physics Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

They spoke of 2 exciting research projects Muon g-2 and DUNE hosted by Fermilab which focus on muons and neutrinos respectively. Please scroll down for the interview or click the audio link above.

13.8 billion years ago matter pitted against antimatter and won. DUNE, a new experiment in the making, hosted by Fermilab attempts to discover why matter won — that is why planets, galaxies and all livings things exist at all.

Andrea Macdonald, founder of ideaXme interviews Dr. LaMesha Craft, PhD. all-source intelligence warrant officer (retired) and now contracted faculty member at the National Intelligence University, USA. Find the audio interview on SoundCloud now. Shortly on all major audio podcasting networks.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by Dr. Craft in this interview do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of Defense, the U.S. Intelligence Community, or the U.S. Government.

Official biography:

LaMesha L. Craft’s background includes 20 years of active military service in the US Army as an all-source intelligence warrant officer. Throughout her career, she provided…

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