Bat Man — Hunting Down Covid-19 and Other Deadly Viruses

Professor Linfa Wang, Photo Credit: Duke-NUS

Ira Pastor Comments:

As we sit here in 2020 in the middle of the Covid-19 global pandemic, we’re hearing terms like “zoonotic disease,” “viral spillover,” “intermediate species,” as well as quite a bit of references to bats, the potential natural reservoir of Covid-19 virus.

Dr. Linfa Wang

Dr. Linfa Wang, PhD, is the director of the Program in Emerging Infectious Diseases at the collaborative Duke-National University of Singapore Medical School, in Singapore.

Professor Linfa Wang, Photo Credit: Duke-NUS

On this episode we will hear from Dr. Wang about:

His background; how he developed an interest in science, emerging infectious diseases, and his focus on bats. An overview of zoonosis and zoonotic diseases with a focus on bats. Why bats carry so many pathogens and why many of the viruses transmitted by bats are highly lethal. His investigation into some of bats’ unique characteristics, such as resistance to viral diseases and longevity of life, and what this can teach us about improving human health. About his leading the development of a vaccine for horses to prevent transmission of the bat-borne Hendra virus to horses. His interest in the work of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), a new multi-sector consortium that aims to finance and coordinate the development of “public good vaccines.” His future visions and work as it pertains to Covid-19.

Ira Pastor, life sciences ambassador ideaXme

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