Team Perspective Pictures. Rupert Rixon, Founder centre. Credit: Perspective Pictures

Amanda Christensen, ideaXme guest contributor and media and misinformation researcher, interviews Rupert Rixon, founder and Managing Director of digital-first video agency Perspective Pictures.

Amanda Christensen Comments:

The way we watch content is changing, from the big screen, to the small screen, to the endless streaming services — but it’s evolving further than that, as we spend more and more of our time online, watching more and more videos on YouTube and social media.

While many businesses and organisations have been quick to see where we’re watching content, they didn’t see how our tastes were changing alongside it. Instead, they were simply taking what’s known as “above the line” content, like television adverts and billboard graphics, and putting it straight into the digital world, expecting people to engage with it.

Rupert Rixon. Credit: Perspective Pictures

However, we don’t engage with content online in the same way as television or billboards; what we watch, like, share, and save varies from website to website, app to app. Each platform has a unique content ecosystem, so to speak, with variations in topics, style, length and more. For instance, what you might watch on Facebook could be completely different from what you’re watching on YouTube.

Knowing how to create content with those online channels in mind can be the difference between connecting with an audience, or being another video people scroll past and ignore.

Rupert Rixon

To get insight about the changes in how we’re consuming content, I had the pleasure of speaking with Rupert Rixon, founder and Managing Director of digital-first video agency Perspective Pictures.

Rupert Rixon right. Credit: Perspective Pictures

Perspective Pictures was founded in 2016, by then 21-year-old Rupert. In the four years since he started the agency, he’s grown the business from a shed in his parents’ garden to a bustling Central London production hub creating narrative driven, digital-first video content for world-leading brands like Google, TimeOut, the Royal Air Force, and Deliveroo.

Before that, Rupert made videos for his successful YouTube channel, which people have now spent over 30 years worth of time watching. He then went on to also create several branded documentaries like “Hitchhiking the Length of India” and “LA to NY,” where Rupert longboarded across the United States to raise money for the charity Teenage Cancer Trust.

This year, Rupert was recognised as one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30 in Media and Marketing.

On this episode you’ll hear from Rupert about:

Rupert’s background and journey to starting Perspective Pictures. What it means to be “digital-first.” How our content and video viewing trends have evolved alongside the internet and social media. How COVID-19 has affected our viewing trends. Future plans Rupert has for Perspective Pictures. The advice that shaped Rupert as a young creative and entrepreneur.

Amanda Christensen, ideaXme guest contributor

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