Dive into the future with Blue Abyss, UK based pioneering astronaut training facility

John Vickers, Leader of Blue Abyss, the UK Astronaut Training Facility Talks About His Vision for the Future of Commercial Human Spaceflight.

Ana Guzman, ideaXme space ambassador interviews John Vickers, CEO Blue Abyss.

Ana Guzman comments:

John Vickers, CEO of Blue Abyss, astronaut training facility

Recently, I had the pleasure in conducting an ideaXme interview with John Vickers, CEO of Blue Abyss in the UK. Blue Abyss is building a state-of-the-art astronaut training facility including hyperbaricchambers and a training pool that will be larger than NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston, Texas. They wish to make astronaut training available to a broader spectrum of people. As the popularity and opportunities of commercial space travel continue to rise, the need for a facility to offer these services will become paramount.

The building of a pioneering astronaut training facility

During the interview, you will hear how Blue Abyss came to be and what has inspired John to keep pushing forward. This includes meeting and having a brief conversation with someone he admired very much — Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon. It was rather a fortuitous encounter that he got to meet him, and the timing was impeccable as you will soon find out in the interview.

Public access to Blue Abyss astronaut training facility

John believes the experience of astronaut training and space travel should be more accessible to people. He also believes space tourists should be ready to react and deal with various situations that can arise during spaceflight.

More focus on training astronauts than rocketry needed

There is a lot of hype and concentration in rocketry but not enough regarding the training of the individuals who will be flying in the spacecraft. Human factors, health, and performance need to be at the center of space tourism preparation to guarantee the travelers can safely enjoy their adventure.

Investors and partners sought for new astronaut training facility

Blue Abyss is currently seeking investors and partners to join them on their mission. They are also always looking forward to meeting professionals that can possibly join their team in the future. Find out more about John Vickers and Blue Abyss in the links below and taking a listen to our interview.


John Vickers





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