Andrea Macdonald founder of ideaXme interviews Kazuhiro Gomi (Gomi-san), M.S., CEO and President of NTT Research. Discover how this exciting Silicon Valley start-up plans to “upgrade reality”.

Kazuhiro Gomi, CEO, NTT Research

NTT, Nippon Telegraph and Telecoms Corporation, Global:

NTT Global, the parent company of NTT Research, is a top 5 global technology and business solutions provider with operations in 80 countries worldwide. They service 85% of Fortune Global 100 companies and consider themselves as a big contributor to society by applying “technology for good”. Their services include digital business consulting, technology and managed services for cybersecurity, applications, workplace, cloud, data centre and networks.

Kazuhiro Gomi, President and CEO of NTT Research:

Gomi-san has worked at NTT for over 20 years, holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering and two M.S. degrees — in both Industrial and Electrical Engineering. Currently, Kazuhiro Gomi is CEO and President of NTT Research, a Silicon Valley start-up. Within just a year of its foundation NTT Research has revealed a number of exciting projects including Digital Twins, a platform which focuses in the first instance on reflecting a twin of the human cardio system to predict, manage and optimise individuals’ cardio health. Longterm objectives are broader — to combine digital information which reflect the real world to synthesise diverse virtual worlds, generate novel services and “to upgrade reality”.

Kazuhiro Gomi’s career at NTT to date:

2019: President and CEO. NTT Research.

2012: Board of directors, NTT Communications Corp.

2010: President and Chief Executive Officer, NTT America, Inc.

2009: COO, NTT America, Inc.

2004: VP of Global IP Network Business Unit, NTT America, Inc.

2001: VP of Global Business Department, NTT Communications Corp.

1998: Director of General planning, NTT Cyber Communications Laboratory Group.

NTT Research and their Mission to “Upgrade Reality”:

NTT Research launched in July 2019, comes from a rich lineage of ground-breaking research and development. To such an extent that the NTT Research and Development Lab in Tokyo already has over 1600 patents.

NTT Research currently hosts 3 Labs — Phi, MEI and CIS Labs all of which collaborate with leading universities working at the forefront of technology. Although most collaborations are with US Universities, there are plans to reach out to collaborate across the world.

NTT Research Team

NTT Research Phi Lab:

The Phi Lab’s mission is to build simple, efficient and practical solvers for real-world problems in human’s information-intensive society. Their objective is to rethink “computation” within the fundamental principles of quantum physics and brain science and to develop hardware and software simultaneously.

NTT Research MEI Lab:

MEI Lab is dedicated to the medical and health sciences as they relate to Digital Twin Computing (DTC), part of the IOWN initiative. For on-the-ground medical experimentation, DTC is considered an ideal application. Imagine administering a treatment to one’s digital twin (alter ego) in the cyber world. If the treatment does not work, doctors can move on quickly to a different approach without risk to their human patient.

Digital Twin Technology, NTT Research

NTT Research CIS Lab:

The Cryptography and Information Security (CIS) Laboratories focusing on technologies and initiatives which include securing people’s data. The CIS Lab is led by NTT Fellow Tatsuaki Okamoto. Its goals is to become the leading cryptography research laboratory in the world. They explore attribute-based encryption, homomorphic encryption, and functional encryption regarding security and privacy. They utilise quantum computing and blockchain keeping an open mind as to the technologies that deliver trust and security for users in the future.

ideaXme interview with Kazuhiro Gomi:

In this interview Gomi-san discusses the successes of the past year at NTT Research. His upcoming plans for the exciting NTT Silicon Valley start up. He talks of NTT’s Digital Twin and NTT Global’s IOWN projects, his approach to managing NTT Research and supporting some of the world’s most brilliant technologists to do work that has the potential to “upgrade reality”.

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