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Poem 1: Experience of Violence by Dr Sam Illingworth.

Dr. Sam Illingworth reads his poem Experience of Violence for ideaXme.

This collaboration is the first in a series of ideaXme collaborations through the “ideaXme creator series” with scientists, innovators and artists who move the human story forward.

Dr. Sam Illingworth, PhD. Atmospheric Physics, is an Associate Professor in Academic Practice at Edinburgh University in the UK. His work and research focus on using poetry and games to develop dialogue between different audiences. Over the past four years he has secured over £300,000 in funding from a range of external funding bodies. He has an MA in Higher Education and is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, with 60 publications and a h-index of 16. He is also a poet, game designer, Chief Executive Editor of Geoscience Communication and founder of the poetry journal Consilience.

His role at Edinburgh Napier University is to help support staff from across the University in the development of their pedagogic practice, and he is passionate about working with all staff and students to ensure that our teaching provisions are inclusive, engaging, and innovative.

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A protestor at the 2018 March for Our Lives on De la Guerra Plaza and State Street in Santa Barbara, California (Image Credit: skolr via Wikimedia Commons).

Photo by Shane T. McCoy / US Marshals.

One of many marches in the USA and abroad on March 24 to protest gun violence and commemorate the victims of the Parkland, Florida massacre. Image Credit: Bob Dass via Wikimedia Commons.

Experience of Violence, by Dr Sam Illingworth — find the text here.

Experience of Violence Research cited in the poem here.

Parable in Praise of Violence’ also read by Dr. Illingworth by Tony Barnstone here

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