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The impact of narcissists on society.

Pia Puolakka shares her ideaXme Thought Bite. This Thought Bite is the basis of Pia’s latest book which focuses on Narcissism — how it impacts society and the ways in which we can limit its impact on us as individuals who come into contact with narcissists as well as the wider society.

Pia’s book: This book is in Finnish. Pia is looking for an English Language publisher.

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Pia’s Official Biography:

Ms Pia Puolakka has been working for the Criminal Sanctions Agency since 2012. She started as a prison psychologist. Since 2017 she has been working in the Central Administration. There, she first worked as a senior specialist responsible for rehabilitative services including programme work, family work, and psychological and spiritual services in prisons. In 2018 she was appointed as the project manager of the Smart Prison Project. Her current post includes developing digital services for rehabilitative purposes and leading the implementation of the smart prison system. In 2020 she started as the project manager of the RISE AI project that is developing artificial intelligence (AI) application for client work and counselling in the Criminal Sanctions Agency. By education she is a forensic psychologist and works also as a private psychotherapist. She has done further studies in Artificial Intelligence and digitalization for the purposes of the current Smart Prison and AI projects. She is especially interested in how digital means can contribute to people’s well-being and abilities. She is a board member of the EuroPris ICT Expert Group.

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