Saving Lives By Opening Up Global Access To All Medicines?

Providing access to medications from anywhere

TheSocialMedwork is a social enterprise that helps people to access the latest medicines, no matter where they are located. It provides medications for people in countries where medicines are not yet available. The organisation is a registered, independent medicines intermediary sourcing each medicine for named patient use with a prescription and overseeing every aspect of the shipping, customs and delivery. TheSocialMedwork is a unique service, “the only organisation of its kind in the world doing this today. The organisation claims have helped 11,000 patients so far and strive to give everyone in the world access to the best new medicines. Patient stories here.

Sjaak Vink, founder and CEO TheSocialMedwork

When patients do not have access to medication

Every year that goes by we watch literally millions of patients around the globe become “no-option”. We define “no-option” as any patient, with any serious medical condition:

  • where “existing” standard-of-care treatment has been exhausted
  • who will endure needless suffering or death without further interventions
  • where effective treatments are only available outside of their present sphere of care access.

Today’s guest focuses on providing global access to medications

Sjaak Vink is the Founder & CEO, TheSocialMedwork, an organization with a mission of “Global health access for everyone”.

Universal access to medications

They do this by utilizing existing legal processes, understanding regulations, engaging with providers and customers directly, they unlock possibilities and help patients gain access to effective medicines, regardless of where they live.



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