Is this the best female boxer on the planet?

Pictured above Caroline Dubois receiving her gold medal at the Youth Olympics, Buenos Aires 2018. Photographer credit: Team GB/Lumix UK.

On 18 October 2018, Caroline Dubois, 17 won boxing gold in the women’s lightweight boxing category at the Youth Olympics, Buenos Aires against Porntip Buapa, Thailand and is now unbeaten is 35 fights.

Photograph Credits: Team GB/Lumix UK photographer. Pictured above, Caroline Dubois in the ring with Porntip Buapa at the Youth Olympics 2018.

Shortly after Caroline won gold, Mica Moore, bobsleigh Olympic finalist 2018 and ideaXme sports ambassador tracked her down to talk.

Photograph credits: Photograph, Mica Moore below left by Andy J Ryan, Team GB. Photograph Caroline Dubois, below right photographer, Team GB/Lumix UK.

Sincere apologies for the quality of the sound on the audio interview here. It was conducted via mobile phone whilst Caroline was in transit from one appointment to the other shortly after winning gold. The price of an audience with one of the best female boxers of her time.

The best female boxing ever seen

Sport boxing correspondent Mike Costello BBC Radio 5 live boxing podcast declared after witnessing Caroline’s gold medal win: I am having to slam on the brakes because I am tempted to call Caroline Dubois the best female boxer I have seen.”

Caroline Dubois younger sister of Daniel Dubois

Dubois is the younger sister of British heavyweight Daniel and is also a World Youth champion and three-time winner of the European Championships as a junior.

Mica Moore:[00:00:00] Who are you?

Caroline Dubois:[00:00:00] I am Caroline Dubois. I am a boxer. I box at 60 kilos.

Congratulations to Caroline Dubois Youth Olympics boxing gold medalist 2018

Mica Moore:[00:00:07] Caroline, firstly congratulations on your gold medal at the Youth Olympics this October. How did it feel to be crowned the champion?

Caroline Dubois:[00:00:43] It is amazing. It feels good because all the work I have put in has finally paid off.

Boxing is in Caroline Dubois’ blood

Mica Moore:[00:00:45] Yeah. It’s incredible. So, I think you have boxing in your blood. I think that it’s fair to say. Your 21-year-old brother Daniel is a heavyweight boxer and you have also got a younger brother who is in the ring as well. Is that how you got into the sport? Were you look up to your brother and wanting to get in the ring?

Caroline Dubois’ motivation and inspiration to choose boxing

Caroline Dubois:[00:01:09] Yes definitely. They brought videos of fights home and it was exciting to see. I Also did other sports, gymnastics, running and swimming but boxing seemed different. I thought it was so exciting. That is what grabbed be, I guess.

Training schedule necessary to win the Olympic gold for boxing

Mica Moore:[00:01:24] How often do you train Caroline? You said before the interview that you’ve already trained today. So how many days a week do you train?

Caroline Dubois:[00:01:39] I train five or six days a week. Coming up to a fight I increase the workload train two or three times a day six times a week.

Caroline trains with her brother Daniel Dubois

Mica Moore:[00:02:03] So do you get to train with your brother? Do you help each other out?

Photograph credits: Team GB/Lumix UK photographer. Caroline pictured right with her brother Daniel after she won gold at the Youth Olympics 2018.

Caroline Dubois:[00:02:06] Yes. We go running together in the morning. Sometimes we both train with my dad.

Mica Moore:[00:02:07] I read that your dad helps you train outside your boxing club. My situation is very similar to you. My dad is my coach as well. How do you find training with your dad?

Caroline Dubois:[00:02:23] It is good because he pushes me but because you are with him daily, he can see when you need a rest. Other coaches would not know if I wasn’t feeling a hundred percent or when you are, when you are shining.

Mica Moore:[00:02:55] That’s amazing. Yeah it is the case isn’t it. Your dad has your best interests at heart, so he knows what’s best for you as well.

What are Caroline Dubois’ greatest achievements in boxing?

Mica Moore:[00:03:03] Caroline. Not only were you crowned champion at the Youth Olympics 2018, but you’ve also won the 60 kilo British and European gold medals. What would you consider your greatest achievement and what’s next for you?

The impact that Caroline Dubois’ father has on her boxing career and morale

Caroline Dubois:[00:03:15] Winning the world championships meant more to me because my dad came. It was more exciting and more nerve wracking that he was there. It was the toughest tournament. There was more competition.

Mica Moore:[00:03:25] What is coming up next for you?

Caroline Dubois:[00:03:51] I have got the Nationals in January 2019 which is what we must do every year. Hopefully, after winning the National Championships I will compete in the European Championships.

Mica Moore:[00:04:42] You spoke about being nervous in the World Championships. Anthony Joshua is known for having this incredible walk out music when he walks out for his fights at the O2. What artist and song would you want to walk out to?

Caroline Dubois:[00:04:56] My dad would like me to walk out to Sweet Caroline. I would like to walk out to Here comes the Hotstepper.

What does the future hold for the Youth Olympics gold medalist?

Mica Moore:[00:04:56] What are your long-term goals? Is it the 2020 Olympics? Is Tokyo in your sights? Or, do you want to become a professional boxer?

Caroline Dubois to box at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

Caroline Dubois:[00:05:43] I want to go to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. I think that’s achievable. Hopefully, after that one and winning a gold medal I will go on to create a legacy. People will remember me as a good fighter.

Who is Caroline Dubois’ inspiration?

Mica Moore:[00:05:54] Caroline, I think people are remembering you already. Who do you look up to? You have recently been named as one of the contenders for Sports Aid’s One to Watch Award. So, you are an inspiration for lots of young women yourself but who do you look up to for inspiration?

Caroline Dubois:[00:06:12] There is an American girl called Claressa Shields, an American boxer. She went to the Olympics twice, the first time when she was 17.

Women in sport

Mica Moore:[00:07:10] So women in sport is a huge movement now. A lot of girls wouldn’t think of taking up boxing but what advice would you give to any girls who would like to give it a try?

Caroline Dubois:[00:07:58] Just to give it a go, it’s not just about getting in the ring and getting beaten up, boxing is fun and exciting. Most people that I’ve spoken to have never thought they would find it exciting, but they’ve really got into it. Just enjoy yourself. Don’t let boundaries hold you back. At the end of the day you only live once!

Caroline Dubois’ boxing tips for Mica Moore’s charity match

Mica Moore:[00:07:58] I need your help Caroline. I am taking part in a charity boxing match soon. Do you have any advice for me?

Caroline Dubois:[00:08:24] Enjoy it. It will be nerve wracking but once you’re in the ring the experience will be worth it.

Would Caroline Dubois consider fighting against another discipline?

Mica Moore:[00:08:24] I have two more questions for you Caroline. Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather had a very famous fight. Would you ever consider fighting against another discipline? Or changing your discipline?

Caroline Dubois:[00:08:56] No I don’t think I’m that sort of person. I wouldn’t want to fight someone the way he did. It was good for him. He earned a lot of money, but I wouldn’t do that. He deserved the money but as said I wouldn’t do that. I think it is important to earn your name in boxing first.

Mica Moore:[00:09:13] That’s a great way of looking at it. You must work your way up to the top?

Whom would Caroline Dubois like to meet?

Mica Moore: Final question Caroline. If you could meet anyone who would you like to meet, then why

Caroline Dubois:[00:09:22] I would like to have met Mohammad Ali when he was young. I would like to be in the ring with him, not even to talk with him, just to listen to him. See what sort of character he has. That would be amazing!

Mica Moore:[00:09:42] I think that’s a great person to want to meet because he is extremely motivational. I think whenever I am struggling with my sport I always watch and listen to some of his fighting talk to motivate myself. Caroline thank you very much for your time. It’s been great speaking to you. You truly are someone to look out for in the future and look out for in this present day!

Once again, we apologise for the sound quality of this interview. Mica grabbed the opportunity to speak with Caroline via mobile phone. It was a huge privilege and coup if we may say so for ideaXme to reach her at all.

Credits: Interview research, audio and text by Mica Moore, ideaXme sports ambassador. You can find her interview on all ideaXme platforms across the internet including SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, Radio Public, I Heart Radio, TuneIn Radio and YouTube.

Photograph of Mica Moore above by Andy J Ryan, Team GB.

Edited by ideaXme Ltd. Copyright ideaXme Ltd.

The transcription of this interview has been edited to improve fluency. Every attempt has been made to ensure that the text is as close to the audio as possible.

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