I first came across Michael Seres when he agreed to be interviewed for ideaXme’s podcast. His interview “You can’t build anything without people like us in the room!” is a must listen for all those working on a scientific breakthrough within the health sector or developing a new medical technology.

18 months after this interview took place, ideaXme is excited to announce that Michael Seres, healthcare entrepreneur of 20 years and world-renowned patient advocate, joins ideaXme as ambassador for patient health and medical innovation.

Michael’s ideaXme interview playlist promises to be a hot ticket. Expect insightful, exciting and informative conversations with creators who shape health and medical innovation across the world.

So, why will these interactions be so interesting? ideaXme interviewer, Michael is both a medical innovator and a famous and universally respected patient within the *e-patient movement and medical profession.

He possesses a unique perspective, is incredibly well informed. Furthermore, he has a significant following on social media and is one of the most influential patient voices in the world.

As a patient, Seres has overcome many health challenges. He understands the obstacles people must surmount to source the best care and information to tackle and manage health challenges. He is sought out online as a health management expert and is able to help others who are new to this challenge.

Seres is tenacious, stoic and inventive. He uses these qualities not just to overcome his health problems but to innovate, assist and inspire others. He is a pioneer who believes that technology, has improved patient to patient and patient to doctor engagement. It has effectively democratised healthcare.

“I look forward to speaking to the individuals who promise to affect the health of the world’s population. I will speak to people who wish shape progress, as well as those who have the potential to hinder it. I will talk to technologists, scientists and patients. I look forward to asking them questions that both patients, carers and professionals from the medical and connected industries will deem relevant, provocative and interesting.” Michael Seres comments on joining ideaXme as patient health and medical innovation ambassador.

Michael is now the Founder and CEO of 11 Health and Technologies Limited, In 2013, Michael founded the health tech startup 11 health and has developed sensor technology for ostomy patients. The idea for 11 Health’s sensor technology is rooted in Michael’s health challenges.

At 12 years old, Seres was diagnosed with the incurable bowel condition, Crohn’s Disease. After over 20 operations, two cancer diagnoses and intestinal failure, Michael became the 11th person to undergo a small bowel transplant at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford, UK. He became a stoma patient.

Michael’s Patient Story

Michael turned his experience into a campaign to reach out and help other patients and carers and started blogging about his journey through Bowel Transplant. Being a patient isn’t easy now has over 100,000 followers.

Michael has used social media to successfully create worldwide online peer to peer communities of more than 20,000 patients. Furthermore, he also the patient lead for the main UK health twitter chat #NHSSM, a member of the NHS England Digital Services user council.

Seres was also the inaugural e-patient in residence and remains executive board member at Stanford Medicine X.

“As I recovered on Whytham Wing at The Churchill Hospital in Oxford, so another incredible man became part of my life. While lying in hospital with shingles in my right eye, an email appeared in my inbox from a Professor Larry Chu congratulating me on becoming an ePatient Scholar at Stanford’s MedicineX programme. Like Anil and Georgios, so Larry has become a friend, confident, mentor and inspiration and from the hospital bed, I am now (Note: Michael was at the time but this has now come to an end) proudly Patient-in-Residence at MedicineX. Two weeks ago, my journey from Whytham Wing reached The White House when MedicineX and President Obama’s Precision Medicine Programme came together for an Everyone Included workshop Engaging Participants as Partners in Research.” Michael Seres’ Blog: Being a patient isn’t easy!

Medicine X is a catalyst for new ideas about the future of medicine and healthcare. Headed by Professor Larry Chu, Professor of Anesthesia, Medicine X is a project of the Stanford AIM Lab.

The Medicine X initiative exists to explore the potential of social media and information technology to advance the practice of medicine, improve health, and empower patients to be active participants in their own care. “The “X” is meant to evoke a move beyond numbers and trends — it represents the infinite possibilities for current and future information technologies to improve health”. Mission statement, Medicine X.

Michael was also an ambassador for the Doctors 2.0 conference. Doctors 2.0 & You conference held its first edition in 2011 in Paris. The objective of its founder Denise Silber, eHealth pioneer and founder of Basil Strategies, was to impact healthcare by disrupting the conference world. “Let’s take patient includedness and digital health beyond the geeks and influencers!” Denise Silber.

Seres is a published author and a professional speaker, as well as a marketer and licensing expert. And can be contacted for speaking engagements and consultancy work here: mseres@michaelseres.com.

*Tom Ferguson coined the term e-patients to describe individuals who are equipped, enabled, empowered and engaged in their health and health care decisions. He envisioned health care as an equal partnership between e-patients and health professionals and systems that support them.

Michael’s interviews will be published here, on YouTube, iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify and across social media.

Want to suggest a medical pioneer or health innovator for Michael to interview? Please email ambassadors@ideaxme.com.

Michael Seres, @mjseres

ideaXme, @ideaxm



For all those who love big ideas and great stories. #movethehumanstoryforward #science #futurism #quantumai #technology #spaceexploration #climatechange

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For all those who love big ideas and great stories. #movethehumanstoryforward #science #futurism #quantumai #technology #spaceexploration #climatechange