Professor Winfried Hensinger joins ideaXme


ideaXme welcomes Professor Winfried Hensinger as board advisor.

Professor Hensinger comments: “I am very excited to help ideaXme on its fantastic mission. There has never been a more important time to inspire and progress big ideas in order to create a better world”.

Professor Winfried Hensinger.

Professor Winfried Hensinger is a Professor of Quantum Technologies at the University of Sussex. He heads the Sussex Ion Quantum Technology Group and he is the director of the Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies. Hensinger’s group is working on developing practical trapped-ion quantum computers. In 2016, Hensinger and his group invented a new approach to quantum computing with trapped ions where voltages applied to a quantum computer microchip are used to execute calculations instead of laser beams as in previous approaches. In 2017, leading an international consortium, he announced the first industrial blueprint for building a practical quantum computer with millions of qubits ( giving rise to the assertion that is now possible to construct a practical quantum computer making use of microwave technology. He is a co-founder of Universal Quantum, a full stack quantum computing company, where he serves as Chief Scientist and Chairman. Hensinger is also an honorary professor at the University of Bristol and he serves on EPSRC’s Physical Sciences Strategic Advisory Team.

Universal Quantum

On 4 November 2021, a consortium led by Universal Quantum was awarded a £7.5m grant from Innovate UK’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund to build a scalable quantum computer that can correct errors.

Aside from Universal Quantum, a University of Sussex spin-out company, the consortium brings together sector leaders covering key areas of quantum computing development. The consortium includes end-user Rolls-Royce supported by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Hartree Centre, quantum software developer Riverlane, supply chain partners Edwards, TMD Technologies (now acquired by Communications & Power Industries (CPI)) and Diamond Microwave, commercialisation and dissemination experts Sia Partners and Qureca and world-class academic groups from Imperial College London and the University of Sussex.

The consortium will tackle a major challenge in making quantum computers commercially viable, correcting the errors that quantum bits — qubits — are prone to. The consortium is taking a cohesive approach, addressing the key issues to make a useful quantum computer at the software, hardware and end-user level.

Professor Winfried Hensinger.

ideaXme board advisors

Professor Hensinger joins an impressive group of people who are ideaXme board advisors. They include: Nicole Stott, former NASA Astronaut, Sir John Hegarty, Co-founder of Bartle Bogle Hegarty and The Garage Soho, Neil Koenig Senior Television Series Producer and Journalist, Nitendra Rajput, Head of Mastercard AI Garage and Dr Robert Brown, FAPS, FIEE, FinstP, MAE, former CEO of the American Institute of Physics and Professor, Beckman Laser Institute Medical Clinic UC Irvine.


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