Virtual Health with Dr. Sneh Khemka

Photo Credit: Dr. Sneh Khemka

Ira Pastor, ideaXme life sciences ambassador and founder of Bioquark, interviews Dr Sneh Khemka, thought leader in Virtual Population Healthcare.

Ira Pastor comments:

Population Health is a discipline that helps governments and large organizations manage the health of their populations better, primarily through infrastructure development (major IT systems), clinical data analytics, health & disease management, and ultimately primary care.

Virtual Health (vHealth), also known as Telehealth, is an innovative way to connect with patients using technology and telecommunications systems, and can help significantly expand access to care and increase health equity.

Dr. Sneh Khemka

Dr Sneh Khemka is President of the world’s largest providers of international health benefits and services, serving more than a million members worldwide, including expatriates, local nationals, and business travelers.

Dr. Khemka is responsible for managing and growing this strategically important business and has successfully deployed it in India, China, South Korea, Qatar and Dubai and further afield.

Previously, Dr. Khemka was Chief Operating Officer for Advanced Oncotherapy PLC, which is involved in advanced proton therapy, and is a spin off from CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research — home of the Large Hadron Collider).

Dr. Khemka was also Director of Healthcare Development and Global Medical Director for Bupa Group, British international healthcare provisioning and multi-insurance group, with its origins and headquarters in the United Kingdom, serving 32 million customers in 190 countries.

Dr. Khemka originally trained as a surgeon, specializing in ophthalmology, with an interest in ocular oncology and he continues clinical practice as a radio doctor, where he has a popular weekly call-in show on London’s LBC 97.3FM. He also works as an expedition medic, supporting people undertaking challenges around the world.

Dr. Khemka has previously advised and acted for a number of private equity houses in the UK and Europe. He is also a non-executive director of Viapath, the largest UK pathology company; acting member of the Council on the Future of Healthcare to the World Economic Forum, and previously Non-Executive Director for the Joint Commission International, the US-based leading hospital accreditation authority. In 2013, Dr. Khemka was awarded an honorary Membership to the Faculty of Public Health in recognition of his contributions to the field.

On this ideaXme episode we will hear from Dr. Khemka about:

His background and views on the resurgence of primary care in improving and maintaining long-term wellness. His views on the sustained digital change in healthcare and the new paradigm known a “phygital” (a physical/digital merging) for primary care. His thoughts on the future of online versus offline hospitals. Examples of how vHealth can be used for remote doctor consultations, arrange blood tests at home, doorstep delivery of medicines, specialist appointments and minor treatment at home. His views on the Internet Medical Things (IoMT) and Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT). His views on vHealth in an era of Covid-19.

Ira Pastor, ideaXme life sciences ambassador

Credits: Ira Pastor interview video, text, and audio.

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